Our Services



1. General refraction

- To determine refractive error (Myopia, Hyperopia or Astigmatism)

-  Spectacle and contact lens prescription

-  Computer vision syndrome, ergonomic issues and visual stress

2. Pediatric Refraction

- Cycloplegic refraction and non cycloplegic refraction

- Amblyopia assessment

3. Geriatric Refraction

- Reading glasses and multifocal prescription

4. Bandage contact lens fitting and management

5. RGP lens fitting for Keratoconus

6. Low vision

7. Color vision assessment (Ishihara Test)

8. Visual Field Test

9. Biometry (A-Scan)

10. Diabetic retinopathy screening

11. Premium lenses consultation

12. Optical coherence Tomography (OCT)

13. Fundus Photography

14. Fundus Fluorescein Angiography