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What is a squint ?

A squint is a  misalignment of the two eyes of a person. Both eyes are not looking  in the same direction when focusing on an object. This is due to uneven development and strength of the muscles of the eye leading to one muscle being stronger than the other leading to uneven pulling of the muscles.


Causes of squint .

·Congenital :This is the most common form of squint.It  develops at birth and becomes more obvious as the child grows.

· Neurological causes due to lesions of some of the cranial nerves of the brain.

·Squint in relation to refractive errors; refractive errors like myopia ( shortsightedness ), hypermetropia ( long sightedness) and astigmatism  can and do cause squint. When a child who has the above problems attempts to focus on an object , his eyes may turn  to help him to focus clearly.

·Trauma.; trauma can injure the muscles or the nerves that coordinate the movement of the eye muscles.

·In association with with a genetic or neourological  disorder eg cerebral palsy.



Squints are common in children. They  have to be detected early  to enable a proper plan of management .When detected and managed early, problems like amblyopia (lazy eye), loss of binocular vision and stereopsis ( depth perception ) can be avoided.