Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:     How long does an operation take?

A:      An uncomplicated cataract surgery requires merely 10-15 minutes, while more advanced procedures like a vitrectomy may require 60 minutes.


Q:     Do I have to stay overnight in the Centre after surgery?

A:      No. Patients are advised to rest in the Centre at least 30 minutes before returning home.


Q:     Is there a need for a general anesthetic (GA) or local anesthetic (LA) for cataract treatment or vitrectomy surgery?

A:      LA or even topical anaesthesia is adequate for most patients. Some patients, however, may opt for a GA.


Q:     What’s the consultation process like?

A:      Consultation begins the moment a vision test is administered. If necessary, your pupils will be dilated. A 30-minute waiting period is necessary for your pupils to be ready for further examination. Hence, the entire consultation process may take 1.5 hours. It’s best to make an appointment at least 2 weeks prior to planning a visit.



a.  Ensure that the date and time of your appointment is correct.

b.  Bring along your medical reports (if any).

c.  Bring along your vision aid (if any).